Monday, August 24, 2015

Trip To Kelly Tarlton

Each and every  person in the school were excited and looking forward to explore different kind of sea creatures from deep sea.The whole school entered Kelly Tarlton by walking in a straight line and following instructions to our instructor who works in Kelly Tarlton. Everything was all blue and although pitch black. It was so pitch black that I could hardly not see a student or teacher.

Later on, we entered this old smelling house and our instructor explained to us that this old house is called Scott Huts which is a house located in Antarctica. Everything inside this old smelling house was old and major of the things that were there were every interesting and fascinating. Our instructor explained to us that this is the appearance of how it is in the Scott Huts house in Antarctica until now. I saw a lot of interesting and amazing stuff in this small house and they were a piano, bunk beds, dry clothes, chairs, tables, tin marks, old fashion camera, and many more. She also told us that Scott Huts died in Antarctica, South Pole.

Following on, we went past this blue wall where you take pictures with your friends or families. We took two pictures and then we moved on exploring. Then we went through this swirly thing which makes you dizzy and uncomfortable to see or walk. They made this swirly thing because it relates to how you feel if you walk in the cold snow in Antarctica and when the storms comes. This is also how Scott Huts died was that he didn’t knew where he was going because everything around him was white. He then nearly reach the South Pole but he couldn’t make it. He died just a kilometers away from the South Pole.

Further more, we reached the place where they kept their adorable penguins. There were major or them inside where they were kept and there were different kind of penguins. They were King Penguins and Emporia Penguins. Inside where they were kept, there were ice, cages, ice water and many more that keeps them comfortable, safe and also healthy.The King Penguins mostly went swimming and they were really active. I enjoyed watching them swimming past by but unluckily we had to move on.
From time to time, we met different kind of sea creatures and they were the Giant Squid, Loom Jelly Fish, Sting Ray Bay, then we had morning when it was 10:30 am. Then this women came and feeded the Stingray and she also taught us interesting facts about it. She taught us that this is the largest Stingray in Kelly Tarlton and is also a female. The Stingray is not good at aiming, only tent attack that pray at them, sharks and killer whales are their favourite food, and she also said that Stingrays has electrical impulses which it can see how fast your heart goes and if you're scared, worried and other emotional feelings. If there was a new trainor in Kelly Tarlton that is scared, the Stingray then will splashes the water toward them and they are also quite cheeky.
Next we went down the ramp and went into where the Sharks, Turtles, Puffer Fish and other sea creatures are. My favourite sea creature to see was the puffer fish because it was a long time not seeing it. We went around two times then we went upstairs where the eels, jelly fishes, lionfish and many more. Then we went into this room where this worker in Kelly Tarlton taught us that there are two types of sharks and they are called Shan Shark and School Shark. They are not in Kelly Tarlton and the reason for that is because they have to swim fast because the water has to go fast into her body but if it doesn't they’re going to die. So that is why Kelly Tarlton don’t have any of them and also the other reason is because they grow as long as a bus.  

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Although, the other sea creatures that I saw were Moray Eels, Blue Tang, Red Moko etc. However we came past this weird sea creature called Wobbegong. It was a sea creature who’s from Australia, and it is very dangerous and cheeky. This dangerous sea creature eats different kind of fishes in the ocean but it mostly goes for the big sea creatures.  My highlight in this special event was when I explored different kind of Sea Creatures and how everyone learned new things.

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