Saturday, August 29, 2015

Revolution - Show

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The group Revolution stop by at St Pius X School! We were pleased because they stop by because they wanted to show us how bullying others feels like and how unacceptable it is. They first set everything in the hall and making sure that they had everything they needed. The bell then rang and all the students entered the hall with their teacher. We sat down on the floor and the Revolution people introduced themselves one by one. One of the volunteers told us that they love to dance and to sing a lot. They all started by dancing to one of my favourite song and it was amazing and incredible to watch them dance. Afterward, two of the volunteers sung a beautiful song and her voice was just astonishing. Following on, this Fijian girl which was one of the Revolution, came up and talked about how she grew up and how the kids at school bullied her. Her parents are Fijian but she was born in New Zealand.I bet that we all know how the Fijian people hairs looks, and it is very bushy. She told us that she was teased at school because of how different she looks. She told us that it doesn't matter what is looks like in the inside, all that matters is what’s inside. She was hurt when she got teased by calling names and many more things, however sometimes she just acts like she didn’t care but really she did. Although she told us that there are three most important steps to do when you're bullied. Firstly ask for help to anyone, you can asked an older person or the teacher, secondly say sorry to that person, and lastly get three or more friends to help you with your situations and hang out with them. Following on, she sung us as song called Read All About it. Her voice was just stunning and the reason why she sung that song was that because of the words. At the end just before it finished, they did a dance to the song called Uptown Funk and it was breathtaking because there moves were really fast and although they were active.

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