Saturday, August 29, 2015

Revolution - Show

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The group Revolution stop by at St Pius X School! We were pleased because they stop by because they wanted to show us how bullying others feels like and how unacceptable it is. They first set everything in the hall and making sure that they had everything they needed. The bell then rang and all the students entered the hall with their teacher. We sat down on the floor and the Revolution people introduced themselves one by one. One of the volunteers told us that they love to dance and to sing a lot. They all started by dancing to one of my favourite song and it was amazing and incredible to watch them dance. Afterward, two of the volunteers sung a beautiful song and her voice was just astonishing. Following on, this Fijian girl which was one of the Revolution, came up and talked about how she grew up and how the kids at school bullied her. Her parents are Fijian but she was born in New Zealand.I bet that we all know how the Fijian people hairs looks, and it is very bushy. She told us that she was teased at school because of how different she looks. She told us that it doesn't matter what is looks like in the inside, all that matters is what’s inside. She was hurt when she got teased by calling names and many more things, however sometimes she just acts like she didn’t care but really she did. Although she told us that there are three most important steps to do when you're bullied. Firstly ask for help to anyone, you can asked an older person or the teacher, secondly say sorry to that person, and lastly get three or more friends to help you with your situations and hang out with them. Following on, she sung us as song called Read All About it. Her voice was just stunning and the reason why she sung that song was that because of the words. At the end just before it finished, they did a dance to the song called Uptown Funk and it was breathtaking because there moves were really fast and although they were active.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cross Country

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Yesterday, we had a phenomenal day with every student in Saint Pius. We had a school Cross Country and we had to go into our team from last year. There were four different teams and they were called Geckos, Keas, Tuis and also Kiwis and the group that I am in was the Kiwis. Firstly, Mrs Tui taught us the rules and how you can get points for your team. The rules were if you instruct your group and sitting them down, be quiet, listening to what is being said, follow instructions, cheer for the teams, and also who would have the best chant. Although she said that whoever in their Year comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th will get points for their team. The 1st place would be 100 points, 2nd place 80 points, 3rd place 60 points, 4th place 40 points and 5th place would be 10 points. Each and every student attended and was interested about this so they were really taking this serious. Following on, the Year 3 and 4 ran first and the Year 7 and 8 were next. I was so nervous about it but also excited at the same time. The Year 3 and 4 went and Mr Slade announced that it’s time for the Year 7 and 8. All the Year 7 and 8’s stood on the start line getting ready to run. When we heard the noise to start we all ran as fast as we could but some didn’t. When I got half way where we were running I was tired so I started doing power walk. It was so demanding that I could hardly breathe or walk. The Year 7 & 8’s had to do two rounds and a half and I felt like I was not going to make it but I did! Then on my last round I went back and I found out that I came 4th! I was very proud of myself and was happy. Next, each team did there chant and my team went first. We did a really great job and each and every person liked it.Each team did their chant and I was really amazed. Afterward Mr Slade and the teachers organized the points and added them together then he introduce who’s the winner and it was the Kiwi’s! We were really happy and cheerful but we tried to control ourselves not to be cocky about it. By the way it was the first time the team Kiwi had won something in Sports. We were so proud of our selves and so as the others.

Saint Pius X Feast Day

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It was the 21st of August when the feast of St Pius X was celebrated. My whole school celebrated this special day by going to church first thing in the morning and praising St Pius X and also remembering everything that he had done when he was still alive. St Pius was a person with compassionate, he mostly helped the poor and the sick. Just before he died he said, “I was born poor, I have lived in poverty, and I wish to die poor”. St Pius X was a pope with a great big heart who loved each and every single person. When he was a pope, he then decided that each and every child should receive their Holy Communion because that was the fastest way to be close to heaven. He was a man who wanted peace but not war, he wanted the world to have peace because if we don’t then we would be lost. Although, St Pius X past away during World War I and Pope Benedict was chosen to be the next Pope until the 3rd of September 1922. So we had an amazing mass and ended with a beautiful song.

Later on, we went back to our school and started organizing the chairs, tables and how were going to set the cake. When we finished organizing, we called each and every single person from the school to come and sit in one of the chairs with their classroom. Then we invited the oldest boy which was Oscar and the youngest boy from Room 1 to cut the cake. Following on, we then the Year 8 girls went and helped give out the cake to everyone and wishing everyone a Happy Feast Day. It was so amazing having the mass, celebrating and eating the cake because it was just so enjoyable.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Favourite Part - Kelly Tarlton

On the 20th of August 2015, Saint Pius X School went on a trip to Kelly Tarlton. I experienced a lot of interesting facts about different sea creatures in deep sea and the looming jellyfish was my favourite!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Trip To Kelly Tarlton

Each and every  person in the school were excited and looking forward to explore different kind of sea creatures from deep sea.The whole school entered Kelly Tarlton by walking in a straight line and following instructions to our instructor who works in Kelly Tarlton. Everything was all blue and although pitch black. It was so pitch black that I could hardly not see a student or teacher.

Later on, we entered this old smelling house and our instructor explained to us that this old house is called Scott Huts which is a house located in Antarctica. Everything inside this old smelling house was old and major of the things that were there were every interesting and fascinating. Our instructor explained to us that this is the appearance of how it is in the Scott Huts house in Antarctica until now. I saw a lot of interesting and amazing stuff in this small house and they were a piano, bunk beds, dry clothes, chairs, tables, tin marks, old fashion camera, and many more. She also told us that Scott Huts died in Antarctica, South Pole.

Following on, we went past this blue wall where you take pictures with your friends or families. We took two pictures and then we moved on exploring. Then we went through this swirly thing which makes you dizzy and uncomfortable to see or walk. They made this swirly thing because it relates to how you feel if you walk in the cold snow in Antarctica and when the storms comes. This is also how Scott Huts died was that he didn’t knew where he was going because everything around him was white. He then nearly reach the South Pole but he couldn’t make it. He died just a kilometers away from the South Pole.

Further more, we reached the place where they kept their adorable penguins. There were major or them inside where they were kept and there were different kind of penguins. They were King Penguins and Emporia Penguins. Inside where they were kept, there were ice, cages, ice water and many more that keeps them comfortable, safe and also healthy.The King Penguins mostly went swimming and they were really active. I enjoyed watching them swimming past by but unluckily we had to move on.
From time to time, we met different kind of sea creatures and they were the Giant Squid, Loom Jelly Fish, Sting Ray Bay, then we had morning when it was 10:30 am. Then this women came and feeded the Stingray and she also taught us interesting facts about it. She taught us that this is the largest Stingray in Kelly Tarlton and is also a female. The Stingray is not good at aiming, only tent attack that pray at them, sharks and killer whales are their favourite food, and she also said that Stingrays has electrical impulses which it can see how fast your heart goes and if you're scared, worried and other emotional feelings. If there was a new trainor in Kelly Tarlton that is scared, the Stingray then will splashes the water toward them and they are also quite cheeky.
Next we went down the ramp and went into where the Sharks, Turtles, Puffer Fish and other sea creatures are. My favourite sea creature to see was the puffer fish because it was a long time not seeing it. We went around two times then we went upstairs where the eels, jelly fishes, lionfish and many more. Then we went into this room where this worker in Kelly Tarlton taught us that there are two types of sharks and they are called Shan Shark and School Shark. They are not in Kelly Tarlton and the reason for that is because they have to swim fast because the water has to go fast into her body but if it doesn't they’re going to die. So that is why Kelly Tarlton don’t have any of them and also the other reason is because they grow as long as a bus.  

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Although, the other sea creatures that I saw were Moray Eels, Blue Tang, Red Moko etc. However we came past this weird sea creature called Wobbegong. It was a sea creature who’s from Australia, and it is very dangerous and cheeky. This dangerous sea creature eats different kind of fishes in the ocean but it mostly goes for the big sea creatures.  My highlight in this special event was when I explored different kind of Sea Creatures and how everyone learned new things.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Partnership For Learning

Last night Room 7 students and teacher invited their parents for a Partnership for Learning to talk about how many students are at National Standard and those who are below. Although and what do the parents think to do to help their kids to improve and make progress. I know that kids and teens do better in school when parents are involved in their academics lives. Attending parent and teacher is a way to be involved and help your child succeed.

Nearly every parents and students appeared but other students had different excuses of why they’re not attending. We waited a bit more for others to arrive then one of the students started us off with the sign of the cross in Maori, then we sung the Our Father in maori two times.

Further more, Mrs Tui which is Room 7’s teacher thank everyone for attending tonight and just talking about what were going to be going through tonight. Following on she showed a short clip to our parents about this College boy name Joshua Iosefa from Mt Roskill Grammar School doing a speech about Brown Brothers. Mrs Tui wanted to show this short clip to our parents but not only to them but to us, so we can think about what he's talking about and why is he saying all these things. Also and why it’s good to succeed in learning so when you're older, it’s easy-peasy for you to find a great job to live your life with.

Following on, Mr Coakley which is the school principal stood up and talked about how Room 7 students have been past the many years until now, and speaking about what he think that could help the students to make progress, and it’s by starting a Learning Space after school for the students. After, he invited our parents to just say what they think that could help their kids achieve learning. A lot of parents were very confident to say what they think, and nearly all of them agreed to what the principal have been saying.
Later, Mrs Tui displayed of how many students is at National Standard and those who aren’t in Reading, Writing and Maths. She explained everything to our parents and why everyone have to be at National Standard at the end of this year, but especially to the year 8’s that are going to college next year. Different parents asked different questions and they were all answered by Mrs Tui & Mr Coakley. Mrs Tui talked about what have she been working with the students in Room 7 and she believed that she could move up students to be at National Standard or Above Standard but with their parents help. A lot of parents were really into what she had been explaining and beginning them for their help.

She did a lot of talking, so she started the karakia before eating the pizza’s that she ordered for everyone. Room 7 students helped giving out the pizza’s to their parents and also drinks. The parents then introduce themselves to the others and they just started having a conversation with Mrs Tui, asking questions about the Learning Space & other things that involves with their kids.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sean Shark Week

Sean is a kid who sticks with what he believe he will archive in the future. He is a very brave kid especially for a boy who was 3 years old when he was interested in Sharks and also committed to it. Sean is glad with what he’s doing with the Sharks by cutting their fins. When he cuts the fins of the Shark, he then threw it away into the sea and the Shark will sink into the bottom and couldn’t swim, so then the fishes comes and eat it.  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rainbow Fish

Opening Statement -
I think the Rainbow Fish made a good decision by sharing her scales to others.

Reasons -
*The Rainbow Fish was doing the right thing by sharing her scales with her friends because that made the friends think that she is a great person and that she could be trusted.
*She made a great choice by sharing her scales because that made her happy and also her friends, and because now her friends is always keen to play with her and so she is.
*It was a great decision for her to go around and ask different sea creatures of what they think she should do, because she is sad and feeling left alone.
*Rainbow Fish is a friendly person because she showed it by sharing her scales to her friends and accepting their request of if she wants to play with them.

Conclusion - I agree of what the Rainbow Fish had done by sharing her scales away because it didn’t then she'll be lonely and she’ll have no friends to talk to, share her feelings and  other important things. Although, I agree for how she is grateful for what she have now and what she accepted.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Experience Of Hockey

I heard water dripping outside, once I heard my teacher saying to make our way into the hall. Room 7 entered the hall and sat on the floor. The instructor showed us what will be doing today, so he divided us into 3 groups of 6 because there were 18 students that attended to school. Hockey isn’t one of my favourite sport but I decided that I should listen and do what the instructor tells us, because I might come through something that I’m interested in and maybe get to like playing Hockey.

I would say that Hockey is a challenging game for me because you’ll need to do a lot of practise trying to lift the ball up with the stick, twist your wrist, and trying to control where you want the ball to be at. I tried my best to control the ball but there were just no improvement. We did a lot of trials and challenging games with the other teams and it was so entertaining and amusing. Everyone but especially the boys were so active doing the challenges and I think they’re like this because they are into anything that relates to sports.

Furthermore, we played a quick game versing the other teams and it was so hilarious which I enjoyed it. Students slipped and fell on the floor and others trying to control the ball and be quick of what they’re doing. At the end of the game the score was 1 - 0, my team won! We were so happy and I could see a massive smile on others that were in my team on their faces. Later we thanked our instructor, started putting things to where we got it from then headed straight back to class. I felt like I had a fantastic time trying out Hockey and next time I would like to do more trials and practise. Hockey is a game that I think suits every single person and I bet everyone will enjoy it and have fun.

Although, the whole school is lucky to have a instructor that can instruct and teach students at St Pius this amazing and incredible sport. We are so lucky to have a instructor that can show us how to play and teaching us the rules. The instructor is a he, and I couldn’t believe how he controlled the ball and many other amazing things that he did. Also for him to come back every Wednesday to practise with us and we really appreciate it.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Who Am I?

I have a small head, I have a shell at my back which is bigger than my head. I have four short legs, two massive eyeballs, my brain is smaller than my eyeballs, I have different patterns around me, I am chubby and also short.
I can be found all around the world, from the cold waters off California to the warm beaches of the Coral Triangles. I can live to about 150 years of age, love to travel around the sea and explore different things that I’m interested in. I love to eat many different tiny sea creatures like crabs, jellyfish and sponges.

I am a Turtle!