Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot:  There was a man named Walter and he came from Russia who was a secret Agent and he was giving a Suitcase to give to his boss. Then he went and sit down on the chair with his Suitcase but he is still eating his donut and he want to look to the Suitcase. Once he look to the Suitcase the bird flying down because the bird want the donut then Walter gave to the bird a little donut but the bird want all of the donut. Then the bird fight with Walter then the bird fell down into the Suitcase and Suitcase close then the bird just click anything in the Suitcase then the bird click the thing that he gonna to the bom go up then Walter fly up to the bom with the Suitcase then he saw the bird fly up and the bird stand on front of the Suitcase and the bird was so angry and Walter too. Then  Walter click the thing that make the bird dead but the things that is gonna make the bird dead is finished, the  Walter click the things that it make the donut fell down once Walter click the donut fell down then the bird fly down to catch the donut to eat then Walter click the things that he make the bom dead once the bom dead he fly down with the Suitcase and he saw the bird eating the donut the Walter walked and the bomb fell down to the bird and the bird died.

Problem: The bird want the donut and Walter chucked the donut into the air and the donut came back from the air and went onto a red button inside the Suitcase. That button was for the bomb but it was too late stop.

Solution: Walter was flying to shoot the bomb  the bird flying up and he is so angry because os Walter. Then Walter bush the thing that make to shoot and he can’t shoot but the donut is inside the Suitcase and Walter bush the button to open the Suitcase then the donut fell down and then the bird followed the donut the Walter shot the bomb and then Walter flew down and he saw the bird was eating the donut.

Your opinion of the story: I liked the movie because when the bird follow the donut and I like the move.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story:

Imagination Story

My mum called me to go outside to help my father to do the garden. Once I got outside it was so cold and windy. My father told me to go at the back and get the shovel then I said “yes dad”. Once I went to get the shovel I saw the shovel was so muddy. I went back and told my dad “the shovel is so muddy” then my dad told me to go and tell my mum to go and wash the shovel.  Once it was clean I started digging the hole.  A big wind came along and pushed me into the hole.  I fell down a long way.I landed in a place called Candyland.  I could see lollies everywhere, there were apples and ice-cream in the trees.  I heard a person behind me and I turned around to see a monster.  The monster looked like a monkey, he was blue and and really big.The monster gave me a present which was a red ball. He gave it to me because he knew I liked red balls.I went back to my home and hid the red ball under my pillow so that it wouldn’t get lost.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Measurement Learning

This is what my group and I learnt about Analogue clocks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Te Atua Title page

For the rest of this term we a going to be looking at God in  Religious Education. God is a healer and blesses us. God is also our creator. The Maori name for God is Te Atua.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glitter Art

This is Kowhaiwhai art that I made by myself together with the class. Reuben Paterson inspired the Kowhaiwhai  art. I enjoyed my painting because I liked the colours and the paint because it makes the art look nice. I found it difficult when we had to glitter our Kowhaiwhai  art because we could only pick one part of our art to glitter.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Haka Ma

In Maori room three we learnt a Maori song and it uses vowels. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

My favourite thing from my trip.

 This is my favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village in week 5. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On Wednesday we had Orienteering and Mr McGivern and Mrs Irene talked about reading maps. Mrs Irene gave us are paper and Mr McGivern told us to go and find the words, then we all ran around in the classroom and found all the words. We all went and gave them to Mr McGivern and he told all us we need to give the paper back, then Mrs Irene said we can go to the field and do some Orienteering.

On the field we had two lines and we all walked together. Mrs Irene told us to get our maps and our little paper and we needed to run and find the words we had on our little paper. We all went and found the words, then if someone finishes their words they needed to come to Mrs Irene. The bell rang and Mr McGivern and Mrs Irene told us that our time was up then we went and gave our little paper to Mrs Irene and we all said to Mr McGivern and Mrs Ieren “Thank you”.

I had lots of fun there then we went to our classroom and got our lunch and we went out and ate our lunch and played games.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village was when we went to the big houses and there was Mrs Dodds. 

We played Squeak piggy Squeak and this is how we played. Tokilupe stood up and then Mrs Dodds gave the pillow to Tokilupe. Tokilupe closed her eyes and then Mrs Dodds told Tokilupe to go and put the pillow infront of someone. Tokilupe went and dropped the pillow infront of Oscar. Tokilupe sat down on the pillow then said "Squeak piggy Squeak" Oscar said "piggy" and Tokilupe guessed who it was. Tokilupe knew it was Oscar and said "is it Oscar?". Oscar stood up and did the same thing that Tokilupe did.

Oscar went to me and he dropped the pillow in front of me and he said "Squeak piggy Squeak". I said "piggy" and he said my name. That is how to play the game.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom & the Dragon

Tom and his mother lived together and Tom told his mother he wanted to go and play. Tom’s mum told him there was a big Dragon in the cave. He wanted to go to the cave and Tom didn’t trust his mother so Tom went to the cave.

The Dragon flew outside and he BBQ’d Tom but Tom had a knife, same with the Dragon. The Dragon put his knife in his mouth and they fought. The Dragon told Tom “NEVER FIGHT, EVER RIGHT, NEVER FIGHT AGAIN”.

The Dragon became friends with Tom and the Dragon made his fire on some bread and they had some tea, they were friends forever.