Friday, August 28, 2015

Saint Pius X Feast Day

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It was the 21st of August when the feast of St Pius X was celebrated. My whole school celebrated this special day by going to church first thing in the morning and praising St Pius X and also remembering everything that he had done when he was still alive. St Pius was a person with compassionate, he mostly helped the poor and the sick. Just before he died he said, “I was born poor, I have lived in poverty, and I wish to die poor”. St Pius X was a pope with a great big heart who loved each and every single person. When he was a pope, he then decided that each and every child should receive their Holy Communion because that was the fastest way to be close to heaven. He was a man who wanted peace but not war, he wanted the world to have peace because if we don’t then we would be lost. Although, St Pius X past away during World War I and Pope Benedict was chosen to be the next Pope until the 3rd of September 1922. So we had an amazing mass and ended with a beautiful song.

Later on, we went back to our school and started organizing the chairs, tables and how were going to set the cake. When we finished organizing, we called each and every single person from the school to come and sit in one of the chairs with their classroom. Then we invited the oldest boy which was Oscar and the youngest boy from Room 1 to cut the cake. Following on, we then the Year 8 girls went and helped give out the cake to everyone and wishing everyone a Happy Feast Day. It was so amazing having the mass, celebrating and eating the cake because it was just so enjoyable.

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