Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rainbow Fish

Opening Statement -
I think the Rainbow Fish made a good decision by sharing her scales to others.

Reasons -
*The Rainbow Fish was doing the right thing by sharing her scales with her friends because that made the friends think that she is a great person and that she could be trusted.
*She made a great choice by sharing her scales because that made her happy and also her friends, and because now her friends is always keen to play with her and so she is.
*It was a great decision for her to go around and ask different sea creatures of what they think she should do, because she is sad and feeling left alone.
*Rainbow Fish is a friendly person because she showed it by sharing her scales to her friends and accepting their request of if she wants to play with them.

Conclusion - I agree of what the Rainbow Fish had done by sharing her scales away because it didn’t then she'll be lonely and she’ll have no friends to talk to, share her feelings and  other important things. Although, I agree for how she is grateful for what she have now and what she accepted.

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