Friday, December 11, 2015

Year 8 Movie 2k15!

My Reflection On This Year!

My Journey here at St Pius has been successful because I've succeed improving what I do best which is Math. I have enjoyed spending time here at St Pius with different kind people with different cultures. In Room 7, I has an incredible times helping and getting to know others like my teacher Mrs Tui. She has been an amazing teacher to me and also to others who needed help with there work. I know that I have made progress through out this year and I'm so proud of myself. It is the end of the year for me and for the other year 8's that are also leaving. I had experience a lot of challenging things here at St Pius but I got through it by making my way through and being strong. I will miss all the St Pius students here especially the year 7's in Room 7. I hope for the best next year for them and good luck!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Activity Week 2k15

Learn : My learn was to create a short video using Animoto to show what we did during our Activity Week at Skateland and at Rangitoto Island. Here is my video and I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Spanish Greetings

This week we have been learning to speak in Spanish. Here is a video of myself saying Hello, How are you?, I am good, Good morning, Good night, Goodbye, Thank you and Please. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Recount of Sailing

“Everyone come here!” our instructor yelled out. So we all went and stood in front of him. He was a good looking guy with brownish long hair, light brown eye colour and his name was Reuben.  

Screenshot 2015-11-14 at 6.17.49 PM.pngYear 6, 7 and 8 at Saint Pius was so lucky to have the opportunity to have a go at sailing for FREE at Kohimarama beach! I was so enthusiastic to have a go because this was my first time. So we stood in front of Reuben while he was telling us what to do next, which was wearing our life jackets and another jacket outside to keep us warm. When I saw the wind crashing onto the waves, I knew that this is going to be fun because the stronger the wind the funnier it will be for us to race. So then we got to the sandy part and our instructor told us the rules. My partner and I were not listening to what Reuben was explaining to us so we just didn't bother.

Later on, we all learned the rules so we dragged and pull our little boat into the water. Lupe was my partner so we got into the little boat together and the race started. Firstly, we were so nervous because first both of us don’t know how to swim, second the sea was so deep, and third we were not sure with what we were doing because we weren't paying attention. However, we tried our best to control the boat and we did a remarkable job because we came first! We were so amused but then suddenly the boat flipped upside down. Lupe and I started guffawing with excitement while we were in the water and also turning our boat upwards. Then we continued sailing to where we raced first then we turned and went to the other end where we started. We went around the Kohimarama beach how many times in a circle and we had a lot of entrainment.
While we were sailing there were laughter and different kind of emotions everywhere. I had so much fun having a go at sailing and I wish to have a go another day when I'm free. My partner and I learned so much things about sailing and it was all from Reuben. Afterwards, we got to have a small amount of time to have a swim. Mr Slade and William helped us organised and clean the boats. We all helped clean the boats and put them gently into the trailer. Afterwards, we got change and headed back to school.

Sailing is a great activity for different kind of people to try out because it is so interesting and you’ll have a lot of enjoyments!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kiwi Sport - Touch

"Everyone line up outside!" our teacher yelled. Room 7 all went together outside lined up and walked straight onto the field. We got to meet our instructor again which her name is Katie. She is an amazing instructor because she supports us to be good in touch and to try our best efforts. Today as one of the best time at touch. Every and each student in Room 7 got to have a turn being an attacker or a defender. We were split into groups and we all worked as a team. Touch isn't my thing but I tried my best to participate and try my best efforts because I didn't want to let anyone down in my group. We did a lot of running, passing, stepping and many more. "Keep the great work girls!" our instructor stated. We were so proud of ourselves so we kept doing what we did. I can not wait for next week because we will be playing a real game of touch and I will be contributing into different things that us girls haven't done before.

Cultural Festival