Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Experience Of Hockey

I heard water dripping outside, once I heard my teacher saying to make our way into the hall. Room 7 entered the hall and sat on the floor. The instructor showed us what will be doing today, so he divided us into 3 groups of 6 because there were 18 students that attended to school. Hockey isn’t one of my favourite sport but I decided that I should listen and do what the instructor tells us, because I might come through something that I’m interested in and maybe get to like playing Hockey.

I would say that Hockey is a challenging game for me because you’ll need to do a lot of practise trying to lift the ball up with the stick, twist your wrist, and trying to control where you want the ball to be at. I tried my best to control the ball but there were just no improvement. We did a lot of trials and challenging games with the other teams and it was so entertaining and amusing. Everyone but especially the boys were so active doing the challenges and I think they’re like this because they are into anything that relates to sports.

Furthermore, we played a quick game versing the other teams and it was so hilarious which I enjoyed it. Students slipped and fell on the floor and others trying to control the ball and be quick of what they’re doing. At the end of the game the score was 1 - 0, my team won! We were so happy and I could see a massive smile on others that were in my team on their faces. Later we thanked our instructor, started putting things to where we got it from then headed straight back to class. I felt like I had a fantastic time trying out Hockey and next time I would like to do more trials and practise. Hockey is a game that I think suits every single person and I bet everyone will enjoy it and have fun.

Although, the whole school is lucky to have a instructor that can instruct and teach students at St Pius this amazing and incredible sport. We are so lucky to have a instructor that can show us how to play and teaching us the rules. The instructor is a he, and I couldn’t believe how he controlled the ball and many other amazing things that he did. Also for him to come back every Wednesday to practise with us and we really appreciate it.

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