Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Welcome Back To Term 4!

Did everyone enjoy their school holiday? Well I have and I can't wait to continue studying through out this year! I bet every Primary and Intermediate school is having there reading test this week or the following and I wish you all Good Luck! Also this is why we should have not stop reading during the holidays because the more you practise the better!

My experience during the school holidays

What a hilarious time I had with my aunt Rose and her children at the Pool in Papatoetoe, on the 1st of October which was during the school holidays.

In the holidays I felt bored because there was nothing to do at home. One early morning, I woke up and went into the living room and observed T.V. Suddenly, I heard a car engine stopped outside by my house.  I was so worried because I didn’t expect anyone to wake up early in the morning and stop by my house. So then I decided to turn off the T.V and the light. Then I walked slowly onto the door, opened it and slightly took a peek outside to check who was there.  Just as I peeked outside, I saw a women standing right in front of the door. I was so shocked that I nearly took a leak, but luckily I managed to hold on.

Subsequently, I heard the women outside calling my name, so I opened the door because I knew that the women knew me. Then I ran quickly to the bathroom. When I came out into the living room, I saw the women and it was my aunt Rose. She came to pick me up so her children and I could go to the swimming pool at Papatoetoe. I was so enthusiastic and went into my room and packed my swimming clothes. While I was packing my stuff my aunt asked my parents for permission. Both of my parents agreed that I could go but needed to be back by 5:00pm.  

Furthermore, we drove back to where she lived so that her kids could pack their swimming clothes.  We also got  food and drinks,  then off we went to the swimming pool. When I saw the facility of the swimming pool, I was so amazed of how  huge the pool was.  From that moment I knew  that this was going to be fun. The van stopped and we all hopped out and entered the facility.  The appearance inside the building was so breathtaking. The entire building was decorated with drawings of the oceans, beach, swimming pools, and many more. It was so colourful and the drawings were incredible and whoever drew it is very creative. Moving on, we got changed we all went into the pool and it was warm and comfortable to swim in. I enjoyed splashing and racing from the other side to other end.

While we were swimming and having so much fun, we saw this huge slide at the back of the building. Consequently, we decided to go onto the big slides and swim there, and we did. We took a lot of turns sliding down and it was amazing. We started swimming from 12:00pm and had a break on 3:00pm because we had to go and eat. The foods that my aunt made were delicious and also healthy for us children. Following on, we went back into the swimming pool for our last swim just before we head back home.