Monday, August 17, 2015

Partnership For Learning

Last night Room 7 students and teacher invited their parents for a Partnership for Learning to talk about how many students are at National Standard and those who are below. Although and what do the parents think to do to help their kids to improve and make progress. I know that kids and teens do better in school when parents are involved in their academics lives. Attending parent and teacher is a way to be involved and help your child succeed.

Nearly every parents and students appeared but other students had different excuses of why they’re not attending. We waited a bit more for others to arrive then one of the students started us off with the sign of the cross in Maori, then we sung the Our Father in maori two times.

Further more, Mrs Tui which is Room 7’s teacher thank everyone for attending tonight and just talking about what were going to be going through tonight. Following on she showed a short clip to our parents about this College boy name Joshua Iosefa from Mt Roskill Grammar School doing a speech about Brown Brothers. Mrs Tui wanted to show this short clip to our parents but not only to them but to us, so we can think about what he's talking about and why is he saying all these things. Also and why it’s good to succeed in learning so when you're older, it’s easy-peasy for you to find a great job to live your life with.

Following on, Mr Coakley which is the school principal stood up and talked about how Room 7 students have been past the many years until now, and speaking about what he think that could help the students to make progress, and it’s by starting a Learning Space after school for the students. After, he invited our parents to just say what they think that could help their kids achieve learning. A lot of parents were very confident to say what they think, and nearly all of them agreed to what the principal have been saying.
Later, Mrs Tui displayed of how many students is at National Standard and those who aren’t in Reading, Writing and Maths. She explained everything to our parents and why everyone have to be at National Standard at the end of this year, but especially to the year 8’s that are going to college next year. Different parents asked different questions and they were all answered by Mrs Tui & Mr Coakley. Mrs Tui talked about what have she been working with the students in Room 7 and she believed that she could move up students to be at National Standard or Above Standard but with their parents help. A lot of parents were really into what she had been explaining and beginning them for their help.

She did a lot of talking, so she started the karakia before eating the pizza’s that she ordered for everyone. Room 7 students helped giving out the pizza’s to their parents and also drinks. The parents then introduce themselves to the others and they just started having a conversation with Mrs Tui, asking questions about the Learning Space & other things that involves with their kids.

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