Friday, May 31, 2013

Nickson Visit

On Wednesday Nickson came from Mai FM to tell us about him working at Mai Fm in Ponsonby.

Nickson told us that you can record the radio on a smartphone. He also told us don’t choose a job that makes lots of money. Also he told us when people comes to the Mai FM they have to put their hand on the Bible so they can’t lie to the Bible.

He told us that he got married last month and sometimes he embarasses his wife. Also he has a cat and he said that when he comes from work, he has to clean up their house because all it’s toys are on the ground.

Nickson’s friend Nate always gets him in trouble with the boss.

He has worked at 5 different radio station in  7 years. Also he said that he talks about his wife on Mai FM and when he gets home his wife will say why did he say that?

Nickson also says that his wife’s cat has more space in their house than him.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Michelle Visit

On Friday we had a guest speaker who spoke to us about how she became successful and her name is Michelle.

She told us to work hard and study hard if we want to be successful because that’s how she became successful.

Michelle worked at Niu FM at Manukau City and she had to learn hard how to use all of the things at the radio. She said that she has got two dogs and two children. Also she said bullying needs to stop because her niece died from bullying. Michelle is Cook Island. Sometimes she embarasses her daughter and also her parents. Michelle has met lots of famous people.

Michelle is really big and she has got brown eyes and brown and black hair. Also Michelle is so funny because makes her eyes different. She has got a loud voice and she talks fast. Michelle really likes Cook Island food. When Micelle goes to work she learned how to do sound engineering.

Michelle’s dad and mum inspire her a lot.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Celebrate the Catholic Day

Yesterday at school St Joseph came to our school and celebrated the Catholic Schools Day. At mass Father Ioane and Father Terence did the mass.

After mass we came and ate our lunch outside our classroom and I met lots of people. When we finished eating our lunch we went and played on the big park. I asked one of the girls “ How old are you?” then she said that she is eight. I also asked her “What is your name?” and she said that her name is Lia. We had lots of fun at the big park.

After lunch we all went to the hall and had a concert. Room seven sang all of their songs and their voices were so beautiful. Also Room Three sang the cups song and it was perfect too. St Joseph school sang the Count On Me by Bruno Mars and it was really amazing because they did actions about the song. My favourite song was I'm Yours - by Room seven, Count On Me - by St Joseph School and also the Malimali Mai song. I had a great time with the St Joseph School yesterday.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Presentation about Fiji.

We have been learning about how water connects us all. We chose an island in the pacific Ocean to create a Presentation about Fiji.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Reflection.

My highlights for this week were orienteering because we were running in the forest and it was fun.

My lowlights was the presentation that we presented on Thursday because some people were laughing.

I am looking forward to our next soccer lesson.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Prayer Journal.

Dear God,

Please look after my family and friends. Please help me with my home work and also please look after the poor people. Thank you for everything that you have dove for us. Thank you for helping the people and also thank you for everything. Sorry for everything that I done to make you angry and also sorry for everything that I have done to hurt you. Please can you look after he sick people and the people that who want help. Also can you please look after the homeless. Sorry God for being bad.  Thank you Miss Leaupepe for teaching us new things. Please help the people who want help.  Thank you God for the rain so the plants may grow. Thank you God for the sun so we can play outside. Please look after the people that are at the hospital. Sorry God for making trouble everyday. Also please look after the people that have cancer.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This is Tusk the cat we read about it on Reading...