Monday, August 25, 2014


I’m the Human Torch who lives mostly on a porch, one of the words in our prayer is sought, but really thats what I thought. I can fly, I can touch the sky, when you touch me you’ll get burned and then your mum and dad will be concerned. I’m not that short but kinda tall, we have a boy in the classroom named Paul. Some people are unique especially Monique. One of my powers is fire, I really hate it when I have to fly higher and I have a friend his name is Saia but to be honest he's a compulsive liar. It’s ironic how I have a brother he looks like my twin, but we really found him in the rubbish bin. I like hot and spicy food it really puts me in a good mood. Goodbye for now I’ll see you around, please behave and don’t be a clown and if you see something lost lying around put it in the Lost and Found.