Friday, September 18, 2015

A Busy Day!

First thing in the morning, we had a Grandparents mass and everyone Grandparents that was invited came but some couldn't make it. We had a wonderful mass and wonderful singing. During the mass Father reminded us to pray everyday and make sure we thank God for this wonderful day that he made for us. Every and each students that were reading was incredible because they read together with their Grandparents.

Later, we invited the Grandparents to join us at the library for morning tea and most of them stop by. The year 8's then asked every and each one of them that made it if they want coffee or tea. The Grandparents had a little chat before our speech competition start. I was in the speech competition and two other year 8's from Room 7. Meanwhile, the bell rang and every Saint Pius students had to go into the hall. My legs were non-stop shaking and I had goosebumps like if it's cold. Following on, the speech started and my legs, hands, mouth, and my body were shaking. From time to time, I practice my speech then I heard my name announced. I got up on my chair went to the front of the school and started speaking about my speech. I was so scared and by body were shaking from the top to the bottom.

Finally, I finished and everyone clapped. So then I went back down to my seat and sat their. I felt so relived that I was finish and Jane Sanalio was next. I listened to her speech and the other year 8 girl which is Aurora Mac Cauley and they were just amazing and fabulous. All the speech competitors finished and the judges turned around and made their decision. Next, our principle Mr Coakley came up and announced the winner from each year and when he announce for the Year 8's, Aurora was the winner.

However, I was still proud of myself because I stood up and speak to the audience and I believe I did really well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Grandparents Invitation

First thing in the morning today was that every and each one of the students had to make an invitation for their Grandparents to come and join us this Friday which is Grandparents mass. So I decided to write this to my nena back at the Islands, Lea'aetoa. On the front of the paper, I wrote her name, when is the mass, and in the inside I wrote a small prayer asking God to guide her through this year and give her the strength to stay strong. Then on the other side I wrote my name. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Percentages Of Beads

Percentages of beads
Instructions to make each necklace

Necklace A

Total of 20 beads of which

  • 10% are red

  • 70% are blue

  • 20% are green

Necklace B

Total of 20 beads of which

  • 45% are red

  • 35% are blue

  • 20% are black

Necklace C

Total of 25 beads of which

  • 40% are red

  • 20% are blue

  • 8% are green

  • 32% are black

Table to Record Answers


Number of each coloured bead










Learn : Today in Maths I learnt how to use a simple and quick strategy to find the answer to the equations, that I was given.

Monday, September 7, 2015

3 Groups of Sacraments

Learn - While putting these boxes into what I know where they're suppose to be, I learnt that Reconciliation is a Healing Sacrament. I learnt that Reconciliation is a Healing Sacrament because when you confess to the priest about the unacceptable things you have done, then the priest will except your confess and would means that he forgives your sins.