Monday, July 27, 2015

First Game on Term 3

The wind crashing past and I can see a lot of players feeling the cold and goosebumps showing. When the umpire blew the whistle, the game started and we were versing Sylvia Park Year 8 Maroons. On the first quarter, I didn’t play because I was a sub. Sylvia Park started off with the ball and they were really fast and fit.

Further more they had three points and we had nothing. The time was running fast, then the bell rang (for the end of the first half) so it’s half time. Salote and I exchange to be a Goal Defender for the rest of the game. Lupe our coach talked to us and giving us advice of how to throw the ball.

Just as Lupe finished talking to us, the bell rang again for the second half. We all ran inside and went to our positions. The umpire blew the whistle and St Pius started the round with the ball. We got the ball inside the circle where the Goal Shoot & Goal Attack is but then suddenly, this Sylvia Park girl (Goal Defend) snatch the ball.

While the ball was coming towards the other team I was really confused with my partner because  a lot of short kids were playing and I just didn’t realize which one is which.

Following on, Sylvia Park team scored a lot of scores and they were beating us. Meanwhile the bell rang and the game finished. The score was 14 - 6, I was pretty disappointed at myself because that night, I didn’t tried my best. But our team cheered happily at the end of that game.

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