Thursday, November 21, 2013

Narrative Writing

One day there was a little boy named Henry and he is 10 years old. Henry was new to St Patricks school. In his class there was only 3 girls and the rest were all boys. When Henry walked inside the classroom his heart was beating fast and he was really scared he had goosebumps all over him. Henry went and sat at his new desk and this fat boy whispered to Henry “I’m going to punch you after school”. Henry was very scared and wished that he was still at home. When it was morning tea henry was pushed by the fat boy as he was getting his lunch. Henry was scared so he didn’t say anything. After Henry finished his lunch he went to play. When the bell rang he ran back to line up. Their teacher came and told them to go inside and sit at their desks, everyone did as they were told, except for Henry. Henry was just reading his book as he waited for the teacher to tell him what to do. When the teacher came back and said that they were doing their writing. Henry worked very hard and finished his work before everyone. The  teacher said to him “good job Henry”. The Fat boy was jealous of Henry finishing fast and was angry.
When it was time for lunch time so they walked to get his lunch, this time the fat boy didn’t do anything because he was waiting for after school to punch Henry. After Henry had eaten his lunch he had to play by himself because he had no friends.

When it was home time everyone went back to the corridor to get their bags . When Henry went grabbed his bag the fat boy came to Henry and grabbed  by the shirt and punched Henry on the face. Henry pushed  him away, and ran home. When Henry got home he told his mum. Henry’s mum said that she is going to go and tell the principal and then Henry agreed with his mum. On the next day Henry went school, he saw the fat boy and ran up to him and punched him on the face. The fat boy had a black eye and never came back to St Patricks school again.

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