Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prompt 5

One day there was a man name Kevin and a women name Emma. Keven is 39 years old and Emma is 37 years old, Emma is working for Kevin and the job that she is doing is blowing the dry leaves away from the green grass. Emma is a little bit funny because when she talk she makes jokes and other funny things to make people laugh, Emma is really kind to people because when someone give her something then she is going to say “thank you”.

In a beautiful morning Emma woke up and went and have a shower and brush her teeth, after that she went and change her clothes. Emma is only the one who lives in the house because all of her family is at America, every morning she walk to the bus station because she doesn't have a car. When she is at work she always goes to Kevin and tell him that she is here, after that Kevin always tells her to go and start cleaning and that’s when Emma start cleaning. Emma always try her best to clean the grass because she is a little bit crazy, during cleaning their was an old man coming to her and ran with the air gun.

After that Emma chase the old man and got the air gun back, Emma came back and Kevin was standing where she was cleaning, when Emma came Kevin told her that if she do that again then she is going to be fired from work. Emma said to Kevin “sorry Kevin, and I won’t do it again”, after that Kevin went inside and Emma was keep on cleaning the grass. When it was afternoon Emma ran to Kevin and told him to blow her hair with the air gun and after that Kevin told her to stop being silly but Emma said “ I am not silly”, and after that Kevin blow her hair with the air gun and Emma was laughing and smiling and also Kevin. When Kevin finished blowing her hair he told Emma that he had lot’s of fun with her and after that Kevin told her that tomorrow she can do anything she want and also Kevin told her that tomorrow they are going and buy her a new car and a new house that is a lot more bigger than the old one. After that Kevin fell in love with Emma and after that they lived happily ever after.

                                                    THE END

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