Friday, July 5, 2013

My Story

Hi my name is Catherine and I’m 10 years old and I go to St Pius X Catholic School and I have 2 parents and 1 brother. My brother’s name is Roland and Roland goes to Sacred Heart College and he is 15 years old. My mum is 41 and my dad is 40.

My mum works at Alexandra Park where the horses race on. My mum goes to worked at 9:30pm and she comes back at 11:00. She tries her best at working so they can buy our school stuff.

My dad doesn't go to work because in the morning he has to go and drop me and my brother to school. Also he is not working because my mum can’t drive and so my dad is our driver.

In the morning me and my brother always wake up early and eat cereal and if the milk is finished then my dad will drive to the dairy and buy some milk.My hero is Jane because she looks after me and because if someone hurts me then she is helps me. Also Jane is my hero because she helped me with my work and she always supports me in anything.
Everyday after school Jane always comes to me and asks me if I want to come with her and I said “yes”. When me and Jane work some people came to me and call me names. Jane tell the people to go away and that’s why Jane is my hero!

When I grow up I want to be a teacher so I can teach the kids that don’t know their times tables and their division and also teach them how to spell words that are too hard for them. I also want to be a teacher so I can work hard and helped my parents and also my family too. Also why I want to be a teacher is because I want to support people and send money to the homeless and the poor people that don’t have food, drink, clothes and also a house.

Why I want to be a teacher is because I could raise money for the caritas and also because I want to help the people that sit on the road and ask people for money and also the people that are sleeping there.

What I want when I grow up is to work hard and study hard so I can buy a big house and 10 rooms inside the house and 5 cars so I can try to bring my family to New Zealand and live with them in the big house.  If my family are lots and their are not enough room then I’m gonna buy them new house and new car and I can give them money when they don’t have food or clothes.

I could also go to the countries that I haven’t gone to and I can go and visit the poor and raise money to buy them food and water and clothes.

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