Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hot Spot Big Bad Wolf.

Beware! The Big Bad Wolf has been spotted near St Pius X Catholic School! He is a coarse fur wolf who loves getting into mischief. He has blood soaked
fangs and his favourite part of the body is the heart. When he eats the three pigs he is going to use his tallons to eat the three pigs’ heart. Also the Big Bad Wolf has big muscular and he can carry the fat people and also lots of horse.  When the Big Bad Wolf needs to eat the pigs than he is going to be nimble so he can catch fast the pigs.
The Big Bad Wolf has razor sharp fangs and he can easily hit people with his head.
The Big Bad Wolf is very cunning because he tricked the little girl.

The Big Bad Wolf is so nasty and dangerous because he tricked people and because he ate people. Also the Big Bad Wolf is disgusting he drank the blood of the three pigs. When the Big Bad Wolf saw the three pigs then his eyes turned to like he’s a vampire. He is ugly and he looks like an evil likes a monster.

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