Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sazkia Holidays

1.Went to the movies- Scooby Doo
2.Went to see man of steel- Hoyts Sylvia Park
7.Watch t.v.- Adventure Time
3.She went to the museum- Auckland Museum
4.Rainbows end- Manukau City
6.Sleep over at her cousin and she got her a new puppy and his name is Willow- Pakuranga
5.She went with her cousin to Manukau City to buy some clothes- 2x t-shirt 2x shorts and samsung galaxy phone

Her brother and sister follow her everywhere she goes
Getting force to clean the rubbish bin every day if it is dirty

That she can go to Rainbows end again
She wish that she can stay home and play XBox everyday

During the holidays Saskia went with her family to the movies and watched Scooby Doo and it was really scary. When they finished watching Scooby Doo. She asked her mum if they can go and see Man of Steel than her mum said “yes” and the place that they went to see Man of Steel at the Hoyts at Sylvia Park.

After when they went and see Man of Steel all of them want to go to the Auckland Museum when they were there the Auckland was closed and they were all bored, then Saskia got an idea and her idea was that they should go to  Rainbows End. Then they all went to Rainbows End and it was still open they went and sit on the chair and they went around and around when they came out they were very dizzy.

When they all came outside Saskia want to go to her cousin house because she want to sleep over, then the mum took her to her cousin house and her cousin is rich. Saskia and her cousin went to Manukau City and bought two t-shirts two shorts and she buy her a Samsung Galaxy phone. When they finished shopping Saskia cousin bought her a puppy and her name is Willow and Saskia told her cousin that they can go and sleep over on her house.

When they went to her cousin house, her cousin house was really huge and her cousin house got seven rooms when they goes to her cousin room they watch Adventure Time.

In the morning her mum came and pick her up because she have to go and clean the rubbish bin every day if it is dirty. Also if she goes somewhere then her sister and brother will follow her and thats why she goes and sleep on her cousins house and because her sister and brother is not allow to go to their cousin house because they are really naughty and their cousin don’t want them their.

Saskia dream is that she can go again to Rainbows end again also if she can stay home and play xbox everyday.

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