Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jonny's Visit

On Tuesday the 18th of June, a visitor came to our classroom and his name was Jonny Wartman. Jonny Wartman is a Graffiti Artist, he came to our classroom and he told us about himself.

Before Jonny lived in Christchurch but now he moved to Auckland because there's more work in Auckland. He travels around the world painting pictures for the people that want him to paint them something.

Also we asked Jonny what's his favourite rugby team then he said that his favourite rugby team is the Crusaders because they are from Christchurch, but Jonny said his favourite team is the Warriors.

When Jonny was young he watched cartoons movies and he thought that he could draw the picture of the picture that is on the cartoon. Jonny said what he did first is that he chose the outside picture then he drew the inside and after that he can colour it.

After he told us about himself then he told us if anyone want to asked him some question. Then Dalaney put his hand up and he said “ Who inspire you?” Then Jonny said that his parents inspired him and sometimes his painter teacher inspired him.

Then all the people asked their question to Jonny. After that we went outside to draw something, Jonny went and put a big canvas paper. Then Jonny asked what we want to draw then Miss Leaupepe said to Jonny to draw SPX.

Then Jonny draw a beach with sand, coconuts trees, wave, water, mountain and also  beautiful clouds and a beautiful sun. After he draw that he block writing SPX and he colour it with purple and yellow.

Also after that Jonny told us to wear something to keep your breath safe because the paint is too strong because it has got chemicals in it.

We all enjoyed painting with Jonny and we also liked the picture that he draw. He also was an amazing painter.

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