Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot:  There was a man named Walter and he came from Russia who was a secret Agent and he was giving a Suitcase to give to his boss. Then he went and sit down on the chair with his Suitcase but he is still eating his donut and he want to look to the Suitcase. Once he look to the Suitcase the bird flying down because the bird want the donut then Walter gave to the bird a little donut but the bird want all of the donut. Then the bird fight with Walter then the bird fell down into the Suitcase and Suitcase close then the bird just click anything in the Suitcase then the bird click the thing that he gonna to the bom go up then Walter fly up to the bom with the Suitcase then he saw the bird fly up and the bird stand on front of the Suitcase and the bird was so angry and Walter too. Then  Walter click the thing that make the bird dead but the things that is gonna make the bird dead is finished, the  Walter click the things that it make the donut fell down once Walter click the donut fell down then the bird fly down to catch the donut to eat then Walter click the things that he make the bom dead once the bom dead he fly down with the Suitcase and he saw the bird eating the donut the Walter walked and the bomb fell down to the bird and the bird died.

Problem: The bird want the donut and Walter chucked the donut into the air and the donut came back from the air and went onto a red button inside the Suitcase. That button was for the bomb but it was too late stop.

Solution: Walter was flying to shoot the bomb  the bird flying up and he is so angry because os Walter. Then Walter bush the thing that make to shoot and he can’t shoot but the donut is inside the Suitcase and Walter bush the button to open the Suitcase then the donut fell down and then the bird followed the donut the Walter shot the bomb and then Walter flew down and he saw the bird was eating the donut.

Your opinion of the story: I liked the movie because when the bird follow the donut and I like the move.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story:

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