Thursday, June 7, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On Wednesday we had Orienteering and Mr McGivern and Mrs Irene talked about reading maps. Mrs Irene gave us are paper and Mr McGivern told us to go and find the words, then we all ran around in the classroom and found all the words. We all went and gave them to Mr McGivern and he told all us we need to give the paper back, then Mrs Irene said we can go to the field and do some Orienteering.

On the field we had two lines and we all walked together. Mrs Irene told us to get our maps and our little paper and we needed to run and find the words we had on our little paper. We all went and found the words, then if someone finishes their words they needed to come to Mrs Irene. The bell rang and Mr McGivern and Mrs Irene told us that our time was up then we went and gave our little paper to Mrs Irene and we all said to Mr McGivern and Mrs Ieren “Thank you”.

I had lots of fun there then we went to our classroom and got our lunch and we went out and ate our lunch and played games.

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