Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imagination Story

My mum called me to go outside to help my father to do the garden. Once I got outside it was so cold and windy. My father told me to go at the back and get the shovel then I said “yes dad”. Once I went to get the shovel I saw the shovel was so muddy. I went back and told my dad “the shovel is so muddy” then my dad told me to go and tell my mum to go and wash the shovel.  Once it was clean I started digging the hole.  A big wind came along and pushed me into the hole.  I fell down a long way.I landed in a place called Candyland.  I could see lollies everywhere, there were apples and ice-cream in the trees.  I heard a person behind me and I turned around to see a monster.  The monster looked like a monkey, he was blue and and really big.The monster gave me a present which was a red ball. He gave it to me because he knew I liked red balls.I went back to my home and hid the red ball under my pillow so that it wouldn’t get lost.

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Miss G said...

Well done with your narrative Catherine. I like that you have described the different parts of the story.

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