Friday, March 7, 2014


mania    Name: Catherine
WALT: Learning to predict, Infer and gain information from text.
Type: Journal
Author: Celia Davies
Title: Junk
Before READING, PREDICT WHAT THE TITLE tells you about the book?
(Predict the story through the title)
I think that the title of the book is about them finding some old stuff somewhere.
Read the text and explain what it is about?
(Gain Information through the text)
The story is about this boy name Joshua wanted to make a trolley. In their garage there were lot’s of junk stuff inside that her mother told him that he can take anything he wanted to. So Joshua and his dad went inside to the garage and find something to build the trolley.
Write about what you believe the Author was feeling/thinking while writing this text. (Make Inference with the evidence found within Text)
During the author wrote this incredible story she feels happy that the supermarket want them to sell their old prams so they can have a new one for the baby.
From your experience, how can you relate to the text and what are your thoughts about the text? (using prior knowledge to make sense of text)
How I can related to this story is by making them another prams or give a gifts to the baby.

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