Friday, May 31, 2013

Nickson Visit

On Wednesday Nickson came from Mai FM to tell us about him working at Mai Fm in Ponsonby.

Nickson told us that you can record the radio on a smartphone. He also told us don’t choose a job that makes lots of money. Also he told us when people comes to the Mai FM they have to put their hand on the Bible so they can’t lie to the Bible.

He told us that he got married last month and sometimes he embarasses his wife. Also he has a cat and he said that when he comes from work, he has to clean up their house because all it’s toys are on the ground.

Nickson’s friend Nate always gets him in trouble with the boss.

He has worked at 5 different radio station in  7 years. Also he said that he talks about his wife on Mai FM and when he gets home his wife will say why did he say that?

Nickson also says that his wife’s cat has more space in their house than him.


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