Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Celebrate the Catholic Day

Yesterday at school St Joseph came to our school and celebrated the Catholic Schools Day. At mass Father Ioane and Father Terence did the mass.

After mass we came and ate our lunch outside our classroom and I met lots of people. When we finished eating our lunch we went and played on the big park. I asked one of the girls “ How old are you?” then she said that she is eight. I also asked her “What is your name?” and she said that her name is Lia. We had lots of fun at the big park.

After lunch we all went to the hall and had a concert. Room seven sang all of their songs and their voices were so beautiful. Also Room Three sang the cups song and it was perfect too. St Joseph school sang the Count On Me by Bruno Mars and it was really amazing because they did actions about the song. My favourite song was I'm Yours - by Room seven, Count On Me - by St Joseph School and also the Malimali Mai song. I had a great time with the St Joseph School yesterday.

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