Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lego story

The Lego company started in the old days, because the clothes and the houses with the wires were old. It happen in Switzerland and the characters were Oli, the father and his son Godfrey and they stared at the 1932.

Oli lost her wife and he started to make toys with wood, he had four boys and they helped him, but the little one was helping Oli lots.

Oli was trying to find a name and it was Leg Godt and that meant play well but Oli wanted a shorter name and he turned around and he saw the name called Lego, so he chose to use that.

Oli and Godfrey worked in the workshop and sold the toys, he was making toys until he gave them to the shops for some food and the children to be happy.

Oli passed away, so the son looked after the toys factory. My favourite part was when they built their own toys with the wood.

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