Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report Film Festival.

At ten o’clock on Wednesday 14 November, the whole school went to Sylvia Park on a bus. It was so cool inside the bus, the bus was long because it was a double bus.

When we got to Sylvia Park, we made 2 lines per class in the carpark before we went inside. When we were inside we all went and found a chair to sit on. When we all found our seats., the Manaiakalani Film Festival started. It was so warm inside the theatre, I was so happy. We were so lucky because we got to sit in the luxury seats at the back.

The first movie was Room 3’s movie, 3 words. I really liked our movie because it was so cool. Mrs Williams, Mrs Tui and I were sitting on one chair. There was something at the back of our chair and I didn’t know what it was so I asked Mrs Williams, “Mrs Williams, what’s this?” “Push that button” she replied so I did and when I did the seat went up. It was so cool.

Our Movies were so amazing and I really like it. After the film festival finished, we all went outside and lined  up then we all walked to our bus, we went to the back and it was so cool when you go and sit at the back because when the bus turn then we will go to the other side. We were so lucky because when we come from school to go to Sylvia Park room 4 was at the back and we were at the front but we wanna go to the back, but right now we were walking faster because we thought that room 4 is at the back but they didn’t came to the bus already then we all ran to the back and we were so happy and so excited.

My favourite things was our movies because I was in the movies and it was so amazing movies.

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