Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Missing Baby.

    The Missing Baby.
Once upon a time there lived a little family that was  living in a small town. They had a  baby, it was a girl and her name was Jane and she was so cute.


At night Jane’s  parents went  to  Jane to take her to  bed then when they went and put Jane on her bed and when they closed the door, and there was three man climbing up on the window and they took Jane to a big black van and they went with Jane to a big big huge house and they went and put Jane on a chair. In morning Jane mum came to Jane room then Jane mum open the door then suddenly Jane mum saw Jane bed and Jane was not inside. Then Jane mum was crying and she went and tell to her husband that the baby is gone then they called to the police and then the police said “what has happened” then Jane mum told to the police that their baby is gone last night. Jane mum told to the police to go and find her baby, then the police said “yes we will find your baby” then Jane mum said “thank you very much.” The police and Jane parents went to the shops and when Jane mum went and through the door then she looked at the three man in the shop and she saw a baby on there car then Jane mum think its look like Jane, Jane mum went and told to the three boy “is that your baby” then the three boys ran to the car then Jane mum told to the police to go and get that big black car. The police went and get the three boys and they gave Jane to their parents.

Then Jane parents told to the police “thank you very much for finding my baby” And they lived happily ever after.

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