Monday, September 10, 2012

Musical Evening.

On Thursday night St Pius X school went to a musical evening and all our parents came with us. All the teachers came and the bell rang, we went and lined up in our classes.

In the hall there was lots of people and we were so scared because there was lots of people in the hall. We went and sit down on the floor and then Lavinia came and she said that room 2 will sing a prayer. When they finished singing the prayer all the people clapped loudly. Room 2 came to the floor and sat while Angelica went up and she said “well done room 2”.

Miss Williams told her class to stand up and go to the front and Miss Kaloti turn the music on and room 1 danced, and it was so amazing. When they were finished they went down and Dorothy came at the front and she said “well done room 1 that was so cool dancing”.

Room 4 came and Save’u was singing and Miss Kaloti turned the music on while room 4 was dancing and singing and some people were laughing and it was so cool. When they were finished singing the people were clapping very loudly. Angelica came and said “Good job room 4 that was so fantastic” then Angelica went and down and the room 7 boy’s stood up and bounced drums and it was so loud. When they banged the drum some people were shouted louder because it was so loud. When they were are finished Angelica stood up and said “that was so cool room 7”.

Room 3 stood up and Miss Kaloti turned the music on and we all sang. It was so great, the songs that we sang were ‘Puppet on a string’ and ‘Somewhere out there’. When we finished singing the ‘Puppet on the string’ Rachel and Ana were singing the soloist part and when they started singing Ana and Rachel had beautiful voices. All the people clapped loud when we finished.

Lavinia stood up and she said “well done room 3 that was so amazing”. Room 6 stood up and Leone was going to sing. When they started Leone was running and when the drum banged Leone was jumping and it was so loud when he was jumping. When they are finished they bowed and they went and sat on the mat. Aleina stood up and she sang the Sister Act 2 song with the school and it was so beautiful.

When everything was finished Mr Coakley stood up and she spoke to us and then we went home.

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