Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday 17th September 2012, Room 3 went with their Teachers to Manukau Telstra Clear Centre and our parents came with our families. Suzanne Prentice was the Conductor.

When we all were there, the people wore bright T-Shirts and black pants. We were so excited when we were there. Miss G came in her car and she said to go through in the door and we needed to stay there and wait to start the show.

When we were there Miss G gave us Knucklebones and cards to play with while waiting for the Show to begin. Miss G She told us “who wants to play knucklebones?”  me and my friends said “me me me!” Miss G. gave to us the knucklebones then she gave the card to the others girls. We played knucklebones and waited to start the show. I was feeling so shy when we were there because there was lots of people in there. Miss G came and told us to give her the Knuckle Bones, we said “why?” Miss G told us the it time to get on the stage.

We went and stood on a number in one line, then we went and walked quietly and sat down on the chair on the stage. Some people were quiet and some people were not quiet because they just turned to their friends and talked. When we were all quiet the curtain opened so the people could see us. When the people saw all of us I was so scared and nervous.

When we were on the stage singing some people were hot because of the lights on us. I was surprise to see lots of people and when we were going to see our parents we couldn’t see them because it was so dark where they were. When we were singing it was so loud. We were doing the show to show our talents and for World Vision to raise money for the poor people.

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Hi Catherine I love your story about the Kids for Kids concert. Keep up the great work from sonya

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