Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kiwi Sport - Touch

"Everyone line up outside!" our teacher yelled. Room 7 all went together outside lined up and walked straight onto the field. We got to meet our instructor again which her name is Katie. She is an amazing instructor because she supports us to be good in touch and to try our best efforts. Today as one of the best time at touch. Every and each student in Room 7 got to have a turn being an attacker or a defender. We were split into groups and we all worked as a team. Touch isn't my thing but I tried my best to participate and try my best efforts because I didn't want to let anyone down in my group. We did a lot of running, passing, stepping and many more. "Keep the great work girls!" our instructor stated. We were so proud of ourselves so we kept doing what we did. I can not wait for next week because we will be playing a real game of touch and I will be contributing into different things that us girls haven't done before.

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