Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trip To Point England

In a lovely morning, St Pius X went to Point England beach because we are having special guest. Our school got split into half and the Senior people walked but the Juniors were so lucky because they get to go on bus. We had a success journey there because no one got hurt or anything bad happened.

Later on, we got there, and we saw thousands of kids. There were heaps of school and kids there. We walked toward where our school was sitting and sat there. I would say that it was one of the special moments.
The Waka known as the Hokulea came to Point England beach from travelling around the world. But then we gave them a special warm welcome for them to feel better and feel welcome.

The peoples that travels around the world with the Waka known as the Hokulea. Why we went is because we got the name Manaiakalani from them so it is very important to go.

Meanwhile, they’ve arrived so we started welcoming them in Maori. Afterward, we had some special guest from New Zealand speaking in Maori and us singing. The complicated part was when we have to study three songs in Maori.

Afterward, they get to introduce himself/herself and what are they and why they are here. It was so pleasant of them talking about there Life, and speaking about how lovely New Zealand is.

I was so cheerful because I heard that well get a chance to touch the canoe. But sadly we didn’t, it was so miserable because it was the best day. By the way, I enjoyed it and spending time with them but I hope others as well felt the same.

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