Friday, February 27, 2015

Learning Journal 2015

Monday 27th February 2015    Feedback                        Feedforward
Last week for maths, we did a lot of maths problem so it really helps me with my maths test.
Next time, I would like my teacher to give me lots of maths problem.
Star Test
During star test from last week it was kinda hard for me but I tried my best at it.
During the year I would like my teacher Mrs Tui to help me with all of the subjects so I can make progress.
Today, we had an Writing test and I did my best using punctuation, and making it interesting.
Next time, I would like to try and use more interesting words that make my story interesting and fun.
Religious Education
In Religious Education we went to the church to pray the Stations Of The Cross. Remembering of what happen to Jesus and how hard was it to do his job.
Also next time, I would like everyone to respect God's house and not to giggle.

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