Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fruit Description

The Granny Smith apple is as green as grass, crunchy like a potato chip and delicious.

The Granny Smith apple looks like a circle tennis ball and it is so fat. It sounds crunchy when you are eating and it and it feels hard when you eat it.

The Granny Smith apple smells nice and fresh and it tastes juicy. The Granny Smith apple feels hard and it easy to hold and is smooth.

An apple tastes yummy and it is sweet. It is juicy and it is sour as a sour lollipop and satisfying. I’ve seen an apple at the orchards and super market and I’ve seen it at the fruit shop.

It could be used for a drink or for cooking. The thing that makes it special for me is I started to like apples when I was four years old.

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